Road Trip- College Open House

October 16, 2015 college, family 5


Today Nick and I are hitting the road to visit Florida Gulf Coast University.  With my older girls we did all our visits their Junior year of high school.  Nick marches to his own drum, so we are visiting later.  He has four Florida Universities he’s applying to, but except for one he’s only seen the other three on paper.

FGCU is on the gulf coast of FL, between Fort Myers and Naples.  It’s the newest of our 11 state universities and smaller than most (14,000 students).  The photos and brochure look lovely.  We know people who have attended and rave about it.  It’s four hours away, so not close, but still in state and just two hours south of Tampa.  Wish us luck!!!

fgcu seal FGCU arts and sciences Aerial-of-FGCU-Campus-6

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    • Anita

      Hey Vicki, Nick is touring USF next month. He has four schools he’s applying to, we’ll see where he winds up.

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