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I began my search for stickers to decorate and add function to my planner by searching Etsy for planner stickers.  If you also do this search you will bring up hundreds of handmade stickers.  The variables are HUGE.  It’s a timely digital process.  Create the sheets on your computer using software, typically provided by Silhouette, a company that makes cutting machines, or adobe, or other creative files.  The stickers are printed, best using a laser printer and good quality adhesive paper, and then fed through a Silhouette or similar machine that “kiss cuts” the stickers.  The layer of paper is cut, not the back side, and a well done cut will be close to the edge of the sticker, but not cutting any design work.

Of the first few shops I ordered from, only one is still a shop I go back to for re-orders.  I learned the hard and costly way.  If this is something you are considering, ask questions from other planners.  Use FB and Instagram to look for layouts that you admire and if the sticker shops aren’t tagged, ask.  Planner addicts are happy to share their sources, we in fact live to share, by talking about stickers, sending stickers to friends, enabling others to join our fun!!  In play some sticker shops or creators have been likened to dealers….because the addiction is real…ha ha.

I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite shops.  These are in no particular order, and in sharing I stand behind their quality and ethical business practices.  These are woman who enjoy creating and sharing their work, they have also found a way to turn creativity into income.  Brava!!!

Girl is Crafti– owner is Adelle

IMG_3593 IMG_3909

I like this shop best for weekly sets.  As you can see from the photos above she designs sheets to be used as a weekly layout.  They include Full, half and quarter size boxes, some with lines for writing, some for decoration.  They include icons for weekly tasks like phone calls, errands, housekeeping, meals, etc.  She also has stickers for pure decoration like the cute Yorkie Stickers you can see.  Her quality is good, pricing reasonable and she has $3.oo Thursdays where she will release a new layout and for that day it will be $3.oo a nice savings from regular price of $5.50.

Mo0re Avenue– owner is Candace


Again the my love of this shop is primarily weekly layouts.  I bought the above three holiday layouts from her.  Great color, variety and unique.  I love the pastel palette for Christmas!  Also good pricing.

Adriana Piper– owner is Rebekah


This was the very first shop I ordered from on Etsy!  I like her shop for functional icons best.  I like her meal circle stickers, laundry stickers (tiny washing machines), books, typewriters, coffee cups, the list goes on.  Great quality and she is happy to custom design stickers you may want.

Libbie and Co


I admired this shop almost from the beginning but I was looking for deals and this shop runs very few sales and is a bit pricier.  After I ordered I knew why.  Quality.  The colors are amazing, and the feel of the stickers isn’t like paper, but more like vinyl.  You need a permanent pen to write on them.  They are full sheets of paper, so you get a TON of stickers per sheet.  I also have weekly layouts from her shop and they are fabulous.  I like her half boxes and quarter/event size stickers so much.  Also the To Do stickers to change headers on the Eric Condren planner or others is amazing.  You can custom order the header titles you may like.  The shop does a ton of business, but they are amazingly well made.

Krissyanne Designs– owner Kristin

IMG_3746 IMG_3929 IMG_3968 IMG_3984

As I waded my way through the sticker world for planners I kept hearing about this elusive sticker, the KAD or Krissyanne Designs sticker.  Where could I find this sticker.  Kristin began as an Etsy shop, then moved to her own website and has become known as the creator of KAD and her followers the Kaddicts.  Describing these stickers isn’t easy.  They are similar to the above mentioned shop, they aren’t paper but are a vinyl material.  The unique and colorful stickers are more functional than decorative, but not just function.  It’s a mix, and the layouts I’ve seen with mostly Krissyanne stickers have been simpler and more functional, the events stand out on the page of a planner.  I use and see them as an addition to other stickers and I love them.  They are pricey, but the customer service and quality back this up.  They are also not as easily procured.  I spent over a month on her Facebook group reading, listening, learning.  It’s a ready to ship shop, so when she restocks she offers what is available and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  She also has begun to sell binders, filled with kits of stickers in different themes by function, size, etc.  The binders have a customized vinyl sticker cover, really special.  From what I’ve learned it’s all about being in touch to score your stickers.  You are able to create a wish list and also an email me when this item is back in stock and this has allowed me to buy several sheets of Krissyanne stickers.  Not everyone would agree, but this is the cream of the crop, the best made sticker shop for what she does.

This post has become LONG, and these aren’t even sharing the newer shops I’ve found.  Be looking for a second post on shopping for planner stickers.  Have questions??  Leave a comment.  Want to see more of my planner photos?  Follow me on Instagram at Anitalovesbooks.

Have a  great weekend!!!

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  1. litandlife

    This looks like so much fun and I do love a planner but I’m terrified I’d end up spending more on my planner than I do on my clothes!

  2. Michelle

    Ha! I’m still waiting for you to share your wisdom from Cori. I’ve discovered I have really toned down the use of stickers lately. I think it works best for me. Who knows? I feel like I change what I want every single week.

  3. stickerplanning

    Good article, Im a new sticker shop myself (stickerplanning) and i stumble upon your page looking for tips haha.

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