Hello 2016 and January!!

January 4, 2016 Chris Bohjalian, It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 5

Hi there!  I’m back.

The holidays were a blur and yet very happy and good.  My mom, who is 88, came to visit from TX and it all went well until her flight home was delayed, cancelled, changed, delayed and finally left 10 hours after we were originally dropping her off at the airport.  Bad weather in Dallas was the cause but she’s a bit worried about traveling again.  I love my mom, but she’s a glass half empty kind of person. Rather than rise to a challenge she resorts to saying she can’t do XYZ because she is 88.  As we’ve both aged I’ve come to realize it’s always been her attitude in life.  It’s challenging, and affirming of how I don’t want to age.

We saw a little bit of the girls, I admit now I needed to cherish those long holiday breaks from school we enjoyed.  Grown children are now building their own lives away from home…a good thing, as it’s meant to be, but I do miss them.

My reading was a hot mess from about September- December.  I read less, finding myself absorbed with my new planner addiction and buying pretty little stickers, washi, pens etc to decorate with.  Time and money later I wish I’d balanced better.  All my passions should have balance…I’m working on it.

Do you have a word or mission statement for 2016?  Mine is half formed, but I’m working it out.  Embrace Change….all the changes coming this year, and the changes I hope to make in my life.  My new planner has a whole page/section for your Mission Statement and Goals for the year, even breaking down goals in measurable ways for the year.  Please share if you do this in your life.

Books!  So many good books for the early 2016 months.

I’m reading and hopefully finishing today Chris Bohjalian‘s new book, The Guest Room.  It’s so very good.  It’s about human trafficking, girls becoming sex slaves. Bohjalian tells the story of one girl, how she’s trapped and the depths of her mental and physical torture.  He also tells the downfall of one man, his family, his friends when a bachelor party goes wrong.  I’m in the middle….so good.  Be warned, the language and brutal honesty of this tragedy is rough, but appropriate.

I hope this year brings you good books to read, happy moments with those you love and all that you dream of.

5 Responses to “Hello 2016 and January!!”

  1. Michelle

    I loved The Guest Room. I actually had to put it down in places because it was beginning to get to me. He’s just so brutally nonchalant about some things, which is great for the story but rough on the psyche.

  2. Anita

    I wonder if I can handle a book like The Guest Room. I always hate it when women and children are being used and abused. And men, too. But good literature is supposed to evoke emotions.

    My mother is 82. She hasn’t taken me over the edge yet. 🙂

    Thank you for the great well wishes and inspiration for the new year! I wish it back to you!

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