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Since I discovered audio books it’s been a mad love affair.  The three books I’m recommending today were purchased from Audible.  I have a monthly subscription, currently one download a month, but I did have two and I found I wasn’t listening to enough to use all my credits.  I still have a few extra which makes it nice when I hear of an amazing audio book.  Sometimes that happens after I receive a book for review, and I just use my account to listen to it anyway.  In my opinion some translate better into audio than others.  Non-fiction books are a great listen for me, and for some reason thrillers are excellent too.  I have to be careful of dialects and accents.  Naturally I have favorite narrators and I look for them.  Some authors are awesome reading their books, and it makes it that much better!

Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy is Jenny Lawson‘s second book, non fiction, stories of her life.  In this book, which she narrates herself, she discusses depression, bi-polar disease and other mental illness.  She is brutally honest, but she also finds humor in sharing her own illness.  I found her perspective odd at some points but intuitive at others.  I love Jenny Lawson’s stories, her way of looking at things, like her relationship with family, most especially her husband.  A true Texan girl who makes no apology in her love for the bizarre.  Jenny’s blog The Bloggess is where it all began, the link above will take you there, and  you can learn much more. This book made me laugh, and I enjoyed it very much.  Length: 8 hours 20 minutes  Publisher: Macmillian Audio.  **This book nominated for two Audie Awards, Humor and Narration by the Author. Yay!!


Finders Keepers

Ok, it’s Stephen King, and it’s narrated by Will Patton.  I enjoyed the first book in the trilogy, Mr. Mercedes, and Finders Keepers is a new story, our investigator Bill Hodges returns and there is foreshadowing of our first villain from the first book.  The story is an interesting twist on how much a person loves books, books with a certain character.  He loves it so much he’s after anything the author may have written when he stops publishing books.  The demented mind of a person who is someone’s biggest fan, haven’t we seen King do this one before?  Love it!!!  This book has two such enamored book lovers, but one has a conscience and isn’t willing to lie, steal and murder for what he desires.  Twisty and oh so good.  A wonderful listen.  Length: 11 hours 5 minutes. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio. ** Will Patton is nominated for an Audie Award for this work.

American Housewife

I began seeing this book in other’s feeds, on twitter, goodreads etc.  I decided I’d give it a whirl.  At under 4 hours this is a fast paced audio.  Stories that range from emails between two residents in a NYC apartment building, the underlying meaning of what Southern women say, and a very long list of things a woman should do.  I loved them all!!  I laughed and wondered where this woman, Helen Ellis, has been, because she totally gets me!!  Her work is new to me, but trust me American Housewives: Stories is a satirical and dark look into the lives of women everywhere.  I enjoyed this so very much, I’ll be checking out more of her work.  It’s short, I highly recommend giving this one a listen.  Length: 3 hours and 46 minutes. Published by Random House Audio.

Please share with me any recent audio books you’ve enjoyed….I’m always looking for my next listen!!

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  1. Anita

    I listen to books while driving. Now that two of my 3 kids don’t need me to take them here and there, I’m in the car less and find that it takes a while to finish listening to a book. Where are you and what are you usually doing while listening to a book? You manage to get through quite a few.

  2. Laura@BunnyTales

    i listened to the first Jenny Lawson book and I had to keep going back because I kept laughing over more really good stuff!! She’s Perfect for audio!!

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