Welcome Back! Where have I been?

November 1, 2016 family 10

I can’t believe how much time has passed since I’ve posted.  While this is mainly a book review blog, it’s also a reflection of my life and the things I enjoy.  So in the last three-ish months I was at first very busy! and then somewhat sad, and now feeling settled.

Our son, Nick left for college on August 17, and he is our last, so we are officially empty nesters in our house.  I am a practical person with kids growing up, and I’m a firm believer that going away to college is a positive experience for most young people.  No tears, some frustration with his lack of keeping up with information, but in all I was happy and busy as we planned and took him off to Florida Atlantic University!

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It went well!  He’s in a suite with 3 other guys, shares a bedroom with one, the bath with all 4 of them.  He’s in a learning community with 18 Psych majors and he immediately made new friends!

We then headed off to Savannah for a long weekend…one of my favorite southern cities! We stayed at the Westin across the river from the historic River Walk.  We ate well, and walked and shopped and had a day at the pool.  It was very relaxing.

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As life returned to a new normal, I realized how different my son was from my daughters.  He didn’t communicate at all!!  Calling him or texting him yielded very short answers and no depth.  This went on for about a month and we eventually had a come to Jesus discussion about how we needed to really talk to him @ once a week we wanted to really know how life was going for him.  Since that talk he’s been much better.  He’s been home twice, weekend visits where he spent equal parts with us and with friends.  I miss him, but he seems to be doing well.  He says his grades are sound, and I’m sure we only hear about the good ones…ha ha.  Empty nesting has been a journey..one we will continue to adjust to.

In September we spent a week in Charleston, and in October we had  Hurricane Matthew coming a bit too close for comfort!!  We boarded up the house and went inland for two days.  Not really fun, but thankful that the biggest problems at our house were a few limbs down and loss of power.

Our daughter Caitlyn bought a house in September!  Yes, she’s just 23 and a homeowner.  As I look through my iPhone photos I realize I only have a few interior shots.  I did a Facebook live tour, so if we are friends on FB you can go and look.  We are very proud of her, she is doing well.

Adrienne, our other daughter is finishing her degree this semester, only taking her capstone class and working full time.  She is anxious to graduate.  She readily admits to not being in love with academia, and it’s fine.  Her degree is in Marketing, and she hopes to be looking for more focused work in 2017.  She plans to stay in Jacksonville.

Yes I have been reading…not at record pacing, but reading and listening to audio books.  I’ve also been using my planner and refining how I like to plan.  I find it relaxing and enjoyable to spend time writing down my priorities and decorating it too!  My other focus has been on skincare and beauty products.  I’ve always worn makeup, I really love makeup, but this summer I became even more obsessed with taking care of my skin.  My aging, wrinkling, spotty, skin.  Research on products that really work, trying out natural based skincare, and more science aided methods as well.  I’ve never been so dedicated to my morning and bedtime routines, which is good but has been costly.  I hope to be sharing some of those finds with you all.

Enough chatter…I’m back and with a PLAN to stay back.  Building slow and steady and trying to set realistic goals for blogging.  I feel like I’ve missed my friends, as I’ve been sluggish in reading my friend’s blogs as well.  I hope you’ll come back around

10 Responses to “Welcome Back! Where have I been?”

  1. Rita @ View From My Books

    Welcome back, Anita! I’ve been following you for about a year (liked your variety of titles plus I used to live in FL for many years so we have that in common) and then you had surgery and dropped off the radar. I thought maybe you had health complications, but no, so glad to hear the family is doing well. My son looked at FAU when we lived there. We ultimately wound up moving out of state at the eleventh hour but he considered several FL east and west coast schools and the one in Orlando too we went to visit.

    I look foward to what you are reading. I’m on hiatus while I give thought to the direction of my blog structure, but am still reading and commenting on other blogs. 🙂

  2. lakesidemusing

    Welcome back!! We love Savannah and have considered staying at that Westin… there’s a boat that takes you across the river, right? My sister had the same issue with her sons when they went away to college… she tells me all the time how lucky I am to have girls, lol! So glad you didn’t have major damage from Matthew, but it still sounds scary. Was holding my breath for all my friends in his path. I look forward to hearing more about your book and the skincare products 🙂

  3. ondbookshelf

    Welcome back! I’ve enjoyed keeping up with you via your instagram photos, so I feel like I have been following you even if it’s not on here. Our youngest headed off to college this year too (we still have an older daughter who lives at home, so no empty nest). She is not great at communicating either, so I think it sometimes depends more on the kid than their gender. Nice to see you back!

  4. Mary

    Nice to see your post come through on my reader today. Savannah is on our travel bucket list – maybe next year! Enjoy the empty nest 🙂

  5. litandlife

    Sounds like your kids are all on good tracks, which is sure a relief for a parent! I’m interested to learn what you may have found about products that work on spotty skin. I hate the spots on my face even more than I hate the wrinkles, I think!

  6. BermudaOnion

    Oh yes, boys don’t communicate much. We didn’t have texting when Vance went off to college in 2005 and had to add it when we realized that would probably be the only way we’d hear from him.

    I’m glad y’all were safe from the storm!

  7. Heather

    Welcome back! I’ve been totally absent myself for the past several months… personal stuff has just really taken over my entire life. I would like to come back to blogging as well, but we’ll see how that goes. I recently visited Savannah for the first time and absolutely loved it!

  8. Michelle

    Welcome back!! Thanks for the warning about boys not communicating. I think we will have that come to Jesus conversation BEFORE C leaves for school next year.

    I have seen all of the pics of your trips on IG and admit to being jealous of the fab food, the amazing views, and relaxation you have been getting. Perhaps being an empty nester is not totally horrible? 😉

  9. Trish

    Funny how different all of the kiddos can be when they go off to school. My mom says that my brother calls her almost every single day (and he’s a junior now). He’s not a talker, so I’m not really sure what they talk about…the whole thing is funny to me. When I went off to school out of state, I didn’t have a cell phone so if I wanted to call home I had to hitch a ride to the grocery store to buy phone cards. Those precious moments of calling home were few and far between!

    I’ve loved seeing your pictures on social media and I’m glad you’re settling into empty nest life with ease. Skincare. Ugh. My face is still fairly smooth but I’m starting to get sun spots on my cheeks. Not really sure what I can do to correct that, though I am more diligent about wearing spf than I was in my 20s.

  10. Anita

    I’ve had a big lapse in blogging, too. And not my first lapse! However, I’m almost 8 years into it and still feel connected – both reading and writing – so, like you, I plan to get a post out soon.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Savannah. I’ve been once and would like to visit again.

    My 2nd went off to college in August and it was more than a week before we spoke. We sent a text or two but that was it. And this kid’s a girl! My friends were astounded. I was okay with it. I wanted her to get acclimated and experience the excitement. When we eventually spoke, it was an hour long conversation.

    Good luck with getting back to more reading and blogging – especially now with the distractions of the holidays… and your stepped up make up interests. 🙂

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