The Sunday Salon 1/22/17

January 22, 2017 The Sunday Salon 4

My whole week went by without a blog post….it started because of the three day weekend and being gone most of the time.  I didn’t prepare.  I’m not good about writing posts or book reviews ahead of time.  In all honesty it’s one of the habits I most need to work on this year.

So last weekend we went to one of the Disney parks with our daughter and her boyfriend.  This is a short video she made using her new Go Pro camera.  We had a blast!!

We spent Monday going to a movie, we saw La La Land, which we both liked, came out humming songs and wishing we knew how to dance!

My week was fairly quiet, I attended a book event featuring Karen White and Beatriz Williams. Vero Beach Books ha a very nice evening with wine.  Their new books are both on my TBR list, and I’ve actually started reading The Wicked City, it’s very good. 

Like many Americans I had mixed feelings about the Presidential Inauguration, but I chose to watch as President Obama said goodbye and the reins were handed over to DJT.

I wasn’t a physical part of the #WomensMarch, but I did support in spirit and I tweeted and cheered on my sisters and brothers who did walk.  Today some of my social media was filled with why…and I can only best say that the walk was a statement to say that the women, the LGBTQ, the minorities of color and religion are not going to be quiet, we want equality in all things.  Equal pay and equal control of our bodies.

Wishing a peaceful day for all of you, I’ve been to the grocery store, and now I plan to relax with some reading, writing, and playing in my planner.


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  1. BermudaOnion

    I didn’t march either but now I kind of regret it. Karen White is coming here tomorrow and I’m going to try to go see her. Love the video!

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