It’s Monday February 27! What Are You Reading?

February 27, 2017 It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 9

This is a weekly post hosted by Kathryn at Book Date.  We share what we’ve read and are reading, and plan to read and other bookish stuff.  Click over to find more great books to read.

I’ve had such a strange week!!  I am in the process of reading three books, that is a hint right there that it’s a bad choice.  I really do so much better at one or two at a time.  I finished NOTHING in print, but did finish one in audio.

I enjoyed Bellevue and I would recommend it if  you enjoy the history of medicine and a long standing hospital.  I learned much more about Bellevue itself and it covers most of the major medical events since the mid 1700’s.  I will say the the narration while good, became a bit flat and dry for me, the audio is nearly 15 hours.  I’m still glad I listened to this one.  I purchased it on audible and have no plans to do a full review.

Still Reading:

This is a problem when they are all good, all compelling and vie for your attention.  I am now working on finishing them by reading them alone, in likely the order shown.  Let me just say that Alex George has captured my heart again in Setting Free The  Kites, it is so very good!!

Listening to:

While I’ve had this book on my shelf for over a year, I found it on audible at a great price and picked it up.  I’m barely into it but the topic is fascinating.  You can learn more here.  This book was highly recommended by Pamela Klinger-Horn an avid reader who also works at Excelsior Bay Books in MN.

I attended two book events last week!  On Wednesday evening I heard Karen Brown discussing her new book The Clairvoyants with Lori Roy.  This was in Oxford Exchange in Tampa, FL.  It’s a bookstore, coffee and tea bars, restaurant and gift shop combination in a gorgeous historic building in downtown.  If you should find yourself in Tampa, it’s worth the detour to visit.

Friday afternoon found me at my favorite Indie Bookstore, Vero Beach Book Center, and Pam Jenoff discussed her new book, The Orphan’s Tale.  I was so thrilled to meet Pam for the first time, and she was so kind.  She is on tour and had practically lost her voice when she arrived and while I wanted to ask here a million questions I tempered myself and we had a nice chat.  The crowd asked some great questions, I believe we are all in awe of her background and the amazing gift she shares in her books.  Loving this book so far.

March is upon us in just two days!!!  My March list of books to read is long!!!  I hope you’re enjoyed some good books, and I hope you’ll share what you’re reading!

9 Responses to “It’s Monday February 27! What Are You Reading?”

  1. sarahsbookshelvesblog

    That happens to me too – if I have more than 2 books going at once (1 print and 1 audio), it means nothing is really grabbing me!

    I need to check out Alex George. That book is currently coming up on the Litbreaker ads on my blog 🙂

  2. Susie | Novel Visits

    I’ve just recently been seeing quite a bit about Setting Free the Kites and I definitely need to check it out! I can never have more than 2 books going at a time. I admire those who can do more!

  3. crimeworm

    I can do three or four different books at once, as long as they aren’t too similar – for example, I couldn’t read, say, two police procedurals set in London where they’re pursuing a serial killer – I’d just get confused! If I keep them different enough, I can do it – and sometimes need to, as I’m always rushing to get things read for blog tours and release dates. So far this year I’m doing pretty well, which isn’t always like me – I hate to say no…. (Touch wood!)

  4. Amanda Barrett

    Wow – you are so lucky to meet Pam Jenoff, I’ve been a huge fan since I read her first book. The Orphan’s Tale was an instant buy for me when it was released here last week. Enjoy and happy reading. Thanks for sharing your amazing week!
    Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews

  5. ondbookshelf

    I’ve read both The Orphan’s Tale and The Nearness of You, and liked both very much. I’ll have to check on The Alex George book, I’ve seen lots of good buzz about it. Have a good reading week!

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