Very Short Book Reviews-Thriller Edition

May 12, 2017 book review, fiction, psychological thriller, thriller 3

I read a lot of books, and I don’t review everything because honestly some books I buy or borrow and just don’t feel the need to share.  The following books I read in the last year and not all of them got the attention they deserved.  This is a shortened version of a full review, but still books I enjoyed and want to share.

Originally published in March 2016 by Gallery Books.

This story is the ultimate in twisty plot.  Aubrey Hamilton’s husband has officially been declared dead after disappearing for five years.  Her role in his disappearance is questioned but no connection is made.  Josh is the love of her life.  There is so much more than meets they eye.  I didn’t see the rapid changes coming and when I thought I hated the way it was ending, then plot twist and I smiled at the evil change. J.T Ellison has a new book publishing in September, Lie To Me, published by MIRA, I can hardly wait.

Originally published in June 2016 by Little Brown

Megan Abbott is often named the queen of writing psychological thrillers featuring teen girls.  In this book Abbott hones in on a group of aspiring gymnasts, specifically Devon Knox, fifteen year old superstar and likely future olympian.  This circle is everything you’ve imagine a group of catty competitive teen to be, and their hovering mean parents. The plot and story line have you questioning if any of them have any redeeming qualities, but rather an odd sense of what is right, I love Megan Abbot’s books. Her characters are usually hiding a secret. In this book it seems everyone is hiding something. Can parents get so caught up in their dreams for their child they forget all else?  I can’t wait til she has a new book for me to read.

Originally published in July 2016 by St. Martin’s Press

Teen girl is brutally attacked at a party. She is traumatized and her parents decide to have a new drug administered that will wipe out the memory of the night.  Is it really complete?  This has been used on a Veteran also suffering from PTSD and hoping to heal his past. Her father can’t stop looking for her attacker, her mom just wants their family to look perfect.  The entire family is dysfunctional and is mentally ill.  The action keeps up until the very end.  Fast paced and very good.  Wendy Walker has a new book publishing in August, Emma in the Night.  I’ll be first in line to read it.

The first two books were sent to me from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.  The last book I won in a blog giveaway.  Happy Reading!


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  1. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I loved You Will Know Me! If you liked the overbearing sports parents element of the story…I just read and loved Trophy Son by Douglas’s set in the tennis world and is out on May 30.

    I had super mixed feelings about All is Not Forgotten. Sort of hated it, but also couldn’t stop reading. Odd feeling.

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