The Sunday Salon

May 14, 2017 The Sunday Salon 3

Hello all!!

There has been a rash of busy going on in my life.  Mostly good things but let me do a little recapping.

In April I attended the second annual Wild for Planners Conference in Nashville TN.  It was amazing. I’m adding a short video below so you can see how exciting this is.  It’s empowering, it’s all about friendships and women building each other up.  It’s about people who love paper, and planning and sharing.  2018 is going be in Austin TX…I can hardly wait!

Also I ate some of the BEST food in Nashville.  This was my second visit in the past year and I could eat there so much more.

We brought our son home from his first year in college…wow did that go fast! He had a very good first year, solid grades, made new friends, joined a fraternity.  He also lost/had stolen two phones…but I digress.  It was in total a good year.  He is home for the summer and has a job!  He’s doing real physical labor, working for a fire safety company doing installation of all kinds of products such as sprinkler systems.

Last weekend we visited our daughter in Jacksonville she’s moving from one apartment, to a temp apartment with her girlfriend until lease is up, they are then moving to a new place in July…got that?  Seriously I don’t think I ever liked to move as much as my kids have.  She’s still managing a retail store, had a move, and raise and has interviewed for a position in the corporate offices.  She hopes to move up, but likes being in Jax right now until her girlfriend finishes her undergrad degree.

I’m planning our extended trip to Seattle in June.  Kevin has a 3 day conference and we are staying for a full week.  Any tips would be welcome.

Happy Mother’s day to the women out there who are moms, struggled and were unable to become moms, have been a mom to a fur baby or other people’s children, have a mom in their life now or who may be missing their mom today.  I am thankful that I had a mom who was always there for me, while we both admit it was rough when I was a teen, as an adult she has been supportive of all my adventures.  I have a sister who was a sounding board when I thought I’d pull my hair out, she’s the very best mom.  I have three beautiful thoughtful young adults who made me a mom, I feel honored to be their mom, and I hope I didn’t mess them up too much.  I have an enormous circle of friends who are also moms who have shared with and held my hand when times were good and bad.  Women….we are an awesome force!

Have a wonderful Sunday, I plan on relaxing and being spoiled just a little.


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  1. BermudaOnion

    Vance moved around quite a bit when he was in school but he moved around a lot as a kid so I don’t think he thought it was odd. Your trip sounds like fun. Happy Mother’s Day, Anita!

  2. Michelle

    We moved SO much during our first ten years of marriage that it became normal for us to have to pack up every nine months. You get used to it after a while, although I now look at moving as something to be done only when necessary. I think I have one more move in me and that better be to our retirement location!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Anita!

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