The Sunday Salon June 4

June 4, 2017 The Sunday Salon 3

Hello to all!  It’s been another week, and I did finish a book and start a new one, but I’m seriously barely into it.  I can’t explain it but that has been a problem for me lately, getting interested in a new book.

The past week was Book Expo in NYC and following the twitter feeds of many of my favorite bloggers and authors was both fun and sad.  One of these days I’m going to make it up there.  It’s hard to put aside money for personal interested trips.  I go to my planning conference, so I guess I could pass on that and head to BEA.  I’ll have to think about it.  Looking forward to hearing more about the great books coming later in 2017 and about the other events that went with the Expo.

Life here has been mostly peaceful, but having our son home from college adds some noise and mess to our routines.  He has been working, which is good, and he joined a local gym so that gets him out of the house too.  His local friends are also working and going to the beach when it isn’t raining.  As I recall 19 was a good time to be alive.

Three weeks from today Kevin and I are headed to Seattle for a week.  He has a 3 day conference and we will be taking the rest of the week to just be tourists.  His conference also includes a lot of off sight events and local flavor.  If you have any food or things to see/do suggestions I’d really appreciate it.  We are staying downtown all week, but we plan to get out to one of the islands and ride the ferry, we’d like any local or former visitors to the area for some off the beaten track or hidden gem recommendations.  Thanks!

We had planned a trip to attend a family BBQ with Kevin’s brothers today, but the 90% chance of rain has cancelled the event.  While disappointed, and I have a pan of brownie/cookie bars here, we will make the most of our day.  I’ve just been reading and trying not to pull my hair out with the Sunday morning news shows and reading my twitter feed.  We are going to go grab some late lunch at a local BBQ place and run by Lowes for a few things.

I hope this day finds you happy and well…peaceful and well rested, the best way to begin a new week.

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  1. sandiekay1

    The book expo is on my bucket list also. I have a 19 year old home for the summer also. Very different after you’ve had nine months of calm and quiet.

  2. lakesidemusing

    I know what you mean about BEA! I was hoping to go this year, but then agreed to have another greyhound here while his family is away – definitely poor planning on my part! Two of my daughters live in Manhattan now, so I’ve even got a place to stay. Maybe next year…

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