Blog Anniversary Nine Years

June 18, 2017 blogaversary, blogging 3

How did this happen?  Ha ha.  It began as A Wife, A Woman, A Mom, and it was to be my place to express how busy and pulled in different directions my life was taking.

My parents were aging rapidly, about to move into a retirement community with a continuum of care option.  My kids were 14 and 10, and we were on the brink of them changing, growing up, coming out and more.  I read mostly lifestyle blogs, and those focusing on just writing on various topics.  It was an election year, and I was inspired by Barack Obama and the dream that we might elect a black president.  Were we finally evolving as a country?

Over time I reviewed a book I’d loved.  Things took off from there and I eventually changed my blog name, moved it from Blogger to a self hosted Word Press platform too.  I became a follower of fabulous book bloggers and authors and publicists on twitter, Facebook and their own blogs and websites.  In the beginning I only reviewed the books I bought or borrowed from the library and I’ll never forget the first advanced copy I received, a Jennifer Weiner book I had written to her publicist, and politely asked for.

I’ve made life long friends via blogging, and my world has been opened up ten fold from all the books I’ve read.  I’ve been challenged by genres I’d never experienced and while my activity sometimes wanes my love for books and reading never has.  I’m thrilled to share my love of the written word, I can never imagine my life without the stories and adventures reading has allowed me to explore.

3 Responses to “Blog Anniversary Nine Years”

  1. BermudaOnion

    We’re practically blogging twins – I celebrated 9 years last week! Vance was home for the summer and talked me into starting my blog and I can’t believe all that it’s led to. Happy blogiversary, Anita!

  2. lakesidemusing

    Congratulations, Anita!! My 9 year anniversary incoming up in a few months, too. I decided to start the blog when my oldest daughter left for college. Things sure have changed since then, but I’m always thankful for my blogging friends. Hope we’re all still at it in another nine years!

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