It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? November 27

November 26, 2017 It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 9

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week.  It’s a great post to organize yourself. It’s an opportunity to visit and comment, and er… add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog   and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date.

Happy Monday y’all!!  If you live in the US I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was very nice.  Two of the three kids were home, and I cooked all the traditional foods and after hours and hours of cooking the meal was over in an hour..ha ha, isn’t that the way!  We watched parades and football games and enjoyed each other.  Our little Yorkie is the worst around other dogs, and she was awful with Adrienne’s dog.  Sally, an adopted pit bull mix was so good, she is nervous around other dogs too and she spent most of the time in the bedroom, but was so well behaved.

I had a little more luck in reading.

Finished this week:

The audio was very well done, and I really enjoyed the stories in this book.  Look for a full review soon.

Currently Reading:

Enjoying both of these, but honestly the light comfortable feel of Winter Storms is just what I’ve been needing.

Currently Listening:

I know I know, I should let politics go, but the reality of this kind of shit just continues to gobsmack me.

What’s Up Next:

December begins at the end of this week…wow the last month of 2017.  Reading will be a great escape from the too often stressful push of Christmas.  I no longer do that craze filled thing, or I try not to.  Our children are adults now, and so no rush for the best toys…ha ha.  Everything does not have to be perfect, and I am completely good with that.Have a wonderful week…..happy reading, I hope you’ll share your recent favorites.

9 Responses to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? November 27”

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I loved The Story of Arthur Truluv, and because I have enjoyed several books by Lisa Genova, I am adding Every Note Played to my list.

    I have also read Cash and the Winter books by Hilderbrand. Must add Winter Solstice, the only one left.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  2. H.A.G.

    You have 2 of Elin Hillderbrand, and I have never read her- adding to my TBR for some calm reading! I think I’d like the Arthur Truluv too. Have a wonderful Christmas – sounds so calm- my 4 kids are still little so my reading will be quick and short-lived this month!

  3. Heather

    I have Unbelievable on my audio queue and I’ll probably get to it sometime soon. Politics is so frustrating these days that sometimes I want to bury my head in the sand… but then I remember that doing so is NOT the way to make any sort of positive changes. Ugh.

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