About Me

Anita April 14

I am Anita, I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember.  In elementary school my mom accused me of lying about how fast I read, until she started to quiz me. She quickly realized I wasn’t lying, I was just a fervent reader.  I missed reading for pleasure when I was a college student and a new mom, thankfully books were there waiting for me.

I’ve been a blogger for nearly six years and I began to share about my life and family, and it evolved to what you see now, primarily a blog where I review books.  I’ll also share about my life and family from time to time.  I primarily read fiction, historical fiction, thrillers, women’s fiction.  I like some memoirs and non fiction.  I’m a member of the She Reads blog network, started by two authors to reach out to women and share books they might especially enjoy.

When I’m not reading or writing I spend my time keeping my little family going.  My husband and I have one teen son at home and twin daughters who are currently living together and attending college.  We live in Florida, and I only love the weather a few months a year….I wish it wasn’t so hot and humid!

Read, comment and share your own thoughts…welcome to my place!