Sep 10


I’ve been discussing returning to the work force. Those that knew me from 22-40 would laugh that I even left it. I loved working, making my own money, contribuiting to our family, all of that. I made a decent income, and worked hard, but 7 years ago my family needed… Read more »


Sep 02


Do you know the Earth Wind and Fire song? It’s a great one! I think I recall it most from the fall of 1978 when I was a freshman in college, a guy I’d met, a sort of love interest, but mostly a friend had an old convertible, and he… Read more »


Aug 29

The race begins

A few days before the RNC, the VP selection is announced and Sarah Palin, a Governor from Alaska, has been chosen. A virtual unknown with a nice track record in the large state, with small population of Alaska. I have no idea what kind of power their Gov has, but… Read more »


Aug 27

Political excitement

My home is full of it. We have always been a family that watches the news, reads the paper and talks about local, national and world events. It’s the type of home I was raised in, my husband too, so we enjoy passing this on to our children. An election… Read more »


Aug 25

Teen disappointment

Sometime today I am going to be comforting a teen daughter who didn’t make a team she wanted. My dd1 is 15 and is a softball player. She is a good player, and she works hard. Is she the best? no, but she really tries and she wants to get… Read more »


Aug 25


My 3 children went back to school today, sort of for the second time. We had day 1 and then we had Tropical Storm Fay, and they missed 4 days…….what a mess! My oldest twin daughters have started their sophomore year of high school, when I say it out loud… Read more »


Jul 18

all over the place

As I sit here and ponder what to write about, and oddly enough I want to write something, my head is spinning with many things.1. I’d like to bake cookies or muffins because I have the stuff and I want something sweet.2. I’m hoping soccer practice is cancelled due to… Read more »


Jul 15

Where has the time gone?

Our summer(or my children’s summer vacation) is flying by. We hit the half way point this week, and it seems unreal to me. Where have the past 5 weeks gone? A better question might be……what have we done? We’ve been away 3 weekends for softball tournaments. We’ve been to the… Read more »


Jul 03

Holiday weekend

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, not a huge holiday in my book, but it is a 3 days weekend for my husband and my family will get more time together. Growing up I have memories of cookouts and campouts and fireworks and my only favorite sparklers. I like watching… Read more »


Jul 02

A new journey

Today my youngest, my son N, had spacers put in his mouth to make way for his braces that are going on next Tuesday. My girls had braces for about 18 months and the results were two stunningly straight and beautiful smiles. N has a much more severe problem and… Read more »