Nov 12

mom’s going home…thanks

Thanks so much for the good thoughts!!! Mom is headed home tonight. She’s been waiting all day for the release papers….hospitals move at their own pace!! She did not have another stroke……thankfully. Her heartrate has been low and erratic so they are sending her home with a monitor. Her speech… Read more »


Nov 10

prayers please

My mom is on her way to the hospital again. My sister just called. It appears she might have some partial paralization on her left side , it might indicate another stroke. I don’t know anything else……..but if you can…………pray.


Nov 08

Saturday Busy

I gloriously(is that a word) slept til 7:30am and then layed in bed with my man. I got a shower and then make pancakes for the hugngry masses. ok, I’ve decided to just go with real names, as I really do have a husband and 3 kids…ha ha. Kevin took… Read more »


Nov 07

Friday Five

The five best things about Today!! 1. It’s Friday…………yay, the end of another school and work week. 2. My mom is home from the hospital! I never wrote about it, but she had a light stroke and was hospitalized last week. She is back with my dad now……….and she’ll have… Read more »


Nov 05

Time to change

I realy wanted to change my blog look. It’s fall even here in FL. We have a new President Elect Obama. I’ve had the same look since summer. Today is a cloudy day in FL, the temps are in the low 70’s. Winter sports at the HS have begun, we… Read more »


Nov 04

VOTE! Exercise your right as an American, and make your choices heard.



Nov 03

Manic Monday

Can you hear The Bangles? I find myself humming it many a Monday. I completely love the routine of my life some days, and this morning this is one. My husband and children are off to work and school, I am here to do the routine running of our home… Read more »


Oct 31

Random fall thoughts

Happy Halloween. My son will be dressing up as something scary, pics to follow soonIt’s lovely here in FL, the house is opened up and I’m baking and making a pot of stew.My mom is in the hospital, the doctors are looking for a cause for her cognitive issues. This… Read more »


Oct 29

6 days and counting

I can’t believe the election is in 6 days……….6 days and voting will be all done, and they will be counted and someone will be celebrating! I hate to get excited………….but I think it’s going to be Barack Obama celebrating! It’s a tight race in many states, and I happen… Read more »