Aug 25


My 3 children went back to school today, sort of for the second time. We had day 1 and then we had Tropical Storm Fay, and they missed 4 days…….what a mess! My oldest twin daughters have started their sophomore year of high school, when I say it out loud… Read more »


Jul 18

all over the place

As I sit here and ponder what to write about, and oddly enough I want to write something, my head is spinning with many things.1. I’d like to bake cookies or muffins because I have the stuff and I want something sweet.2. I’m hoping soccer practice is cancelled due to… Read more »


Jul 15

Where has the time gone?

Our summer(or my children’s summer vacation) is flying by. We hit the half way point this week, and it seems unreal to me. Where have the past 5 weeks gone? A better question might be……what have we done? We’ve been away 3 weekends for softball tournaments. We’ve been to the… Read more »


Jul 03

Holiday weekend

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, not a huge holiday in my book, but it is a 3 days weekend for my husband and my family will get more time together. Growing up I have memories of cookouts and campouts and fireworks and my only favorite sparklers. I like watching… Read more »


Jul 02

A new journey

Today my youngest, my son N, had spacers put in his mouth to make way for his braces that are going on next Tuesday. My girls had braces for about 18 months and the results were two stunningly straight and beautiful smiles. N has a much more severe problem and… Read more »


Jul 01


Do you have a lot of friends? I have a few very close friends, and a few aquaintences and a few online friends that are as good as any friends I have geographically close to me. I wouldn’t consider my friendships or relationships far reaching or broad. I trust and… Read more »


Jun 27

mom mode

This week has mostly been mom stuff, take kids here and there, clean, cook, do laundry, and today, grocery shopping. My son went with me, which is usually pleasant. He enjoys samples at the deli counter and picking out a few treats, and helping me follow my list. I used… Read more »


Jun 22

Some thoughts on life and death

No one likes to think about death, even knowing it’s an inevitable event in every living beings life. I believe I am a realist, I know I’ll die one day, that all those around me that I love and know will pass, but I often don’t understand the timing of… Read more »


Jun 22


Even as a current stay at home mom and it being summertime, I enjoy weekends. My husband is home, we are able to do family things. Our weekends are a mixed bag of activities. Sometimes we are off watching a softball or soccer game one of our girls is playing… Read more »


Jun 18

It’s that time

Summer, a time in a child’s life that seems wide open and fun, and the concept has remained the same for eons. Think back to your own childhood. When I reflect back on my 1960’s youth I am filled with memories of swim lessons, and pool visits, bike rides and… Read more »