Review Policy

I accept books for review from publishers, publicists and authors.  I will not accept books that are only available on Kindle or Amazon.  I prefer print ARCs but will accept digital galleys in PDF or epub format.

I read books in the following genres:

Fiction, Literary fiction, Historical fiction, Women’s fiction, Mystery, Thriller, YA and memoir.  I don’t read romance or erotica.

I typically only promise reviews on a given date if I accept for a blog tour.  I will make every effort to post a review during the month the book publishes. Longer lead times are preferred.  Books accepted are in consideration of a review, if I find it’s not for me I will pass it on to someone who may enjoy it.  All reviews will be honest and fair.

I do not sell ARCs, I will donate them to our local high school teacher library or give them to friends.

I can’t answer every email, if I am interested in reviewing your request I will reply within a week.

This is a hobby, not a job, and I I’d like to keep enjoying reading and sharing my thoughts.  I receive no compensation other than a copy of the book.  All reviews will state the source of the book.

All requests should be sent to my email